Dissatisfied with the actions of your Body Corporate or its Manager?

Wondering how you can assert your rights and responsibilities regarding your property ownership? Don’t feel as if anyone is really listening to your concerns? Not sure you received the right advice about the Body Corporate before buying your property?

You have the right to a considerable amount of information about and from your Body Corporate  and its Manager, however that information has to be sought in a particular way. Some Body Corporate Committees and Managers are not helpful or easy to deal with.  However, ultimately the Committee and Manager are accountable to all Body Corporate members, and have to report regularly on their work and decisions.

You can also influence who becomes a Committee member, and who is appointed the Body Corporate Manager.

Acting in the Best Interests of all Body Corporate Members

Both the Body Corporate Committee and the Manager must always act in the best interests of the Body Corporate as a whole, and not to benefit themselves, people or firms they may have professional or personal relationships with,  or certain groups of Body Corporate members.

In addition, the Body Corporate Manager must comply with the law’s code of conduct when performing their work.

You should have been advised, by your solicitor and the real estate agent who sold the property, about your rights and responsibilities as a member of the Body Corporate before you purchased the property.

Faileen James has been an executive member of a Body Corporate Committee, and understands the rights and responsibilities of Body Corporates. If you have concerns about how your Body Corporate Committee  is operating, are having difficulty in accessing Body Corporate information, or have general questions about your rights and responsibilities as a Body Corporate member, contact Faileen for support in dealing with your body corporate issues.

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