What is NDIS Supports Coordination?

Supports coordination is intended to help you find and locate appropriate National Disability Scheme Insurance (NDIS) supports and services, particularly where you are unsure of what is available in your community and how you access those.  You can include the engagement of a supports coordinator in your care plan to receive funding for this activity.

Ask about Conflicts of Interest

However, just like ensuring that your care planner is always providing independent advice and acting in your best interests, it is also important to ensure any person you engage to provide supports coordination is also independent.  Ask for reference checks from any support coordinator you may engage, quiz them on their independence from the organisations they recommend as service providers, and ask them if they are prepared to guarantee outcomes that you are satisfied with for the funding allocated for their time.

Add Capacity Building to your NDIS Care Plan

If you are considering self-managing your plan, you can also include in your plan, education services to teach you how to manage your NDIS funding (in government speak, this is called “capacity building”). For example, you might engage a bookkeeper to teach you how to pay invoices and computerise expense tracking, or you may engage another profession to teach you how to compile reports you will need to send to the NDIS.

The government is indicating that supports coordination and other capacity building services will be time-limited.  That is, the funding for these services will not be continuous over the long-term, but intended to up-skill you to manage your plan, with the assumption that once up-skilled you will not need ongoing education.

If you would like to include capacity building services in your NDIS care plan and need advice on that, contact Faileen.  Faileen has extensive experience in advocacy and disability services provision, and is passionate about ensuring everyone’s rights are respected and met.

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