In addition to completing your National Disability Insurance Scheme care plan, you will need to provide other documents to support your plan.

Documents Needed 

The list below is the minimum you should attach to your care plan.  Depending on your specific support needs, you can include other documents that support your need for the services stated in your care plan.

  • Identification and/or citizenship papers,
  • Diaries of your current daily activities, and life challenges,
  • Completing the NDIS Planning Workbook – a document created specifically for the NDIS,
  • Expert allied health (physiotherapist, occupational health therapist, speech therapist, prosthetist/orthotist, dietician, psychologists and physiologists), nursing and medical functional assessments and reports,
  • Statements from current carers, and
  • Banking details for funds management.

It may be necessary to pay a fee to health care professionals to obtain expert assessments and reports from them.  While this may take additional time and expense, the value of those expert reports far outweighs that time and expense as those reports will provide important independent evidence to support your care plan.

If you would like the support of an independent advocate in NDIS care planning, contact Faileen.  Faileen has extensive experience in advocacy and disability services provision, and is passionate about ensuring everyone’s rights are respected and met.