Take Your Time

Do not be pressured into quickly completing your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) care plan – take as long as you need, and meet with the care planner as often as you wish to ensure the plan is as comprehensive as possible. Consider all items in the NDIS price schedule that may enhance your living situation, choosing the items relevant to your needs carefully.  Poor choice of schedule items may mean you are considerably financially disadvantaged.

Maximising the funding you receive for services will only be achieved through comprehensive planning .  While the care planner may wish to complete the work in the minimum time, so they can move on to support other clients, do not feel forced into completing a plan you are not happy with.

If you would like independent support or advice in creating your NDIS care plan, contact Faileen.  Faileen has extensive experience in advocacy and disability services provision, and is passionate about ensuring everyone’s rights are respected and met.

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