Our community is aging and our lengthening life expectancy is allowing us to enjoy more years in retirement than any previous generation. It has never been more important for older Australians to understand how to legally delegate decision-making in a way that promotes dignity and independence.

The thought of retirement, and aging generally often stimulates conflicting emotions – relief, freedom, and excitement for the next stage of life, mixed with uncertainty, possibly isolation, and anxiety of the unknown. It needs planning to ensure you and your loved ones are prepared for every eventuality.

For their sake, and your own, prepare an Advance Care Plan, an Enduring Power of Attorney and a Will.

Consider what living arrangements for older people are best suited for you now and into the future.

Think about how you would like your life possessions dealt with – rather than leaving them for the Executor of your Will to deal with, perhaps you could gift them to loved ones or charitable causes now?

Faileen James has more than 20 years experience in nursing and social services provision.  Understanding the issues that face us as we age, Faileen can provide specialist advice to individuals and families, at this important time of their lives.

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