Greater diversity through female voices at every level of leadership will deliver better decisions and more equitable outcomes for organisations, and Australia.

Faileen advocates for women leaders at all levels and promotes the benefits of gender-balanced workplaces. She works with employers, boards, and executive leadership teams to develop supportive policies to attract and retain talented leaders. Contact Faileen for specialist Mentoring and Career Development; Workplace Resilience and Executive Support to Women Leaders.

“I have been incredibly fortunate to have Faileen as a mentor and confident. She has encouraged me to honestly identify my personal and professional priorities and given me strategies to realise my potential. Faileen has always shown an incredible understanding of who I am and what strengths I bring into my career and what additional skills or experience will strengthen my resume.

Thanks to Faileen I am entering an exciting time professionally as I take my career in a new direction and expand my knowledge base through participation on boards, reference groups, and committees.

Faileen’s generosity with her time and her knowledge has allowed me to navigate some challenging situations with success and confidence. I value her guidance and her enthusiasm. After spending time with Faileen I always feel like I have made progress, am refocused, and have a cunning plan for the future!” Melissa S, Marketing and Communications Executive Citation: Linkedin

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