A Board with a diverse array of skills and experience can give their executive team the strategic governance needed to navigate the disruptive and dynamic markets in which they operate. But the benefits of diversity are often accompanied by conflict, challenges and pitfalls.

On joining a governance body, Board members, who may be volunteers, are often overwhelmed by responsibility and the range of knowledge expected of them.  Each comes to the role with different values and backgrounds, both of which will shape their experience of their role, their contribution to the organisation, and their style of relating to others.  Some may have little or no governance education or experience, and may not fully understand their legal and other obligations and the impacts their decisions will have.

Research in the area of governance has consistently shown that it is not the skills or experience of each individual member that creates a high-performing Board, but rather the collective whole and how each Board member relates and works with the others on the Board.

Faileen James works with Board members and senior executives to navigate the challenging boardroom environment and provides meaningful, discrete and practical legal and governance advice.  Faileen equips Boards to work as high-performing teams, providing the tools, information, insights, mindsets and decision-making processes to survive and thrive in this complex industry. Contact Faileen James for professional assistance with Board Capacity Building.

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