Being an Executive can feel like a lonely position. It requires balancing support and encouragement of staff, “managing up” to Boards and committees, negotiating conflict, and being confident to make the decisions that need making, however unpopular or difficult.

As an Executive you will never be liked by all those you relate with, however, it is important that you are trusted and respected.  Respect and trust are earned through honestly saying what you mean, and ethically doing what you say.

You also don’t have to be expert in every aspect of your organisation – in fact, the ability and preparedness to appropriately delegate is an essential executive skill.  Delegation best captures the different expertise that exists across the organisation while also allowing those you lead to professionally grow in a safe environment.

Being an Executive also does not mean that you should always “play it safe” – taking calculated risks, capturing opportunity and being flexible is part of the role of an Executive.

If you are a new Executive, or have been in an Executive role for some time but need support in developing your leadership style, contact Faileen James.  Having been a senior Executive in a range of industries and businesses, Faileen understands the challenges and pressures Executives face.

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