Employment and industrial relations law protect the very heart of our businesses – an organisation is only as strong as the people within it. To achieve business growth goals, it’s critical to balance an organisation’s responsibilities with employees’ rights.   If not managed well, the workplace can become an organisational minefield, with the naive and those who are unprepared becoming casualties.

Employment and industrial relations laws, sometime called labour laws, sets out the terms which  must be considered in establishing, managing and ending an employment relationship, including equal opportunity and workplace diversity, matters relating to  pay and other benefits, employees’ physical and mental well-being and safety, and what is unlawful and or unfair workplace practices.  Those laws also give guidance on whether an organisation relationship is actually one of employment or something different such as a consultancy or an independent contractor engagement.

While the law sets out comprehensive rights and responsibilities for both employers and employees in respect of the workplace, understanding those laws, and navigating the various organisational and legal processes relating to employment and industrial relations requires specialist knowledge and intervention.

Faileen James provides practical advice on all workplace and industrial relations issues, including modern awards, workplace legislation, equal opportunity laws and discrimination, and workplace and occupational health and safety legislation.

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“Faileen’s advice to me as a young manager has been invaluable. I had little experience in, or knowledge about, managing staff, including the multiple legal factors that managers have to consider when employing and managing staff. Faileen’s sensible and practical advice has been so helpful”.  Dorothy L

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