Faileen James

Advocate. Legal professional. Executive coach.

Faileen James has a long established reputation as a legal and management thought-leader servicing the community and businesses in Queensland and around Australia. Faileen has extensive experience in developing individual and organisational capability, having been involved in service delivery and change management in the corporate, social services and government sectors. Faileen will advocate for the best for you. She will do her utmost to make sure you feel empowered to make informed decisions, and your rights are respected.

Assisting Business, Government & Not-for-Profits

If you are a leader, unlock your potential and boost the performance of your team. Partner with Faileen to create more profitable and sustainable organisations, with engaged teams and employees.

Faileen helps Business, Statutory Authorities and other government entities, and Not-for-Profit (NFP) Organisations in the areas of:

  • Employment & Industrial Relations Law
    Engaging staff and contractors, performance-based contracting, HR policies, leadership succession planning, industrial relations negotiations and claims, managing staff performance and accountability, and staff redundancy and terminations.
  • Executive Management Support
    Change management, NFP mergers and acquisitions, organisational quality audits, organisational policy frameworks, organisational systems and project improvement, including project management, risk management and service & product planning.
  • Governance
    Board capacity building, restructure and performance evaluation, CEO recruitment & performance management, advance on Board Members' rights and responsibilities, appropriate governance for different organisations and governance policy frameworks.
  • Women in Leadership
    Building a professional profile, mentoring & career development, workplace resilience, rights and responsibilities in the areas of sexual and other harassment, and becoming a leader.

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Assisting Individuals & Families

If you are a consumer and citizen, ensure your rights are respected and your choices are valued. Faileen will support you in negotiating with bureaucracies and those in positions of authority or influence to achieve the outcomes you want.

Faileen helps individuals and families in a diverse range of areas including:

  • Aging
    Planning for Health Care or Death, including drafting Advanced Health Care Plans, Enduring Powers of Attorney, and Wills, assessing and advising on Care Services and Living Arrangements for Older People, Protecting the Rights of the Older Person including negotiating with government organisations or when Elder Abuse occurs, and dealing with Life Possessions.
  • Living with a Disability
    Planning for, assessing and advising on Care Services and Living Arrangements, Protecting the Rights of Person who need support, including negotiating with government organisations or when Abuse occurs, NDIS Advice and Advocacy including NDIS Care Planning.
  • Property Management
    Negotiating with Body Corporates and their Managers, and Investment Property Management.

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